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Eger in September 2016


The highlight of the month's festivities is, as you might have already guessed,  the Harvest Festival taking place in Szépasszony Völgy on the 23rd and 24th September


The heady days of August are now a distant memory and Autumn is upon us. Although in many tourist destinations this is the month that sees restaurants, hotels, museums and sights winding down and moving into off-season mode, here in Eger this is not the case. Why? Because it is in September that the grapes are harvested and, this is something to be celebrated in a city marinated in wine for most, if not all of its history.

The highlight of the month's festivities is, as you might have already guessed,  the Harvest Festival taking place in Szépasszony Völgy on the 23rd and 24th September. Over 200 cellars will be opening their doors to wine lovers from all over Hungary and beyond in celebration of the harvest. There will also be programs for all the family, live music, a fairground and lots, lots more.

If you want to learn more about Eger visit our pages detailing the history of wine in Eger,recent vintages, the story of how Bull's Blood got its name and more.

Of course, there is more to Eger than wine and as usual we round up  the events and progams taking place in the 'Baroque Pearl of Hungary' (as the city is sometimes referred to)

September is a great time to come and visit Eger be it for a day, a weekend or longer. Scroll down for information on what's happening this month, and for more on the best restaurants, accommodation and sights in Eger pop over to www.ieger.com.

Festivals in September
As already mentioned above, September is a busy month in Eger and at its centre is the Harvest Festival in the Valley of the Beautiful Woman but there are other celebrations deserving of your time:
Markets in September

Although there are a lot pf places to buy tacky, mass produced souvenirs in Eger, we would recommend trying to get along to one of the antique/flea markets currently the craze in and around the town. You can get a genuine piece of Hungarian craft at a fraction of the price (especially if you haggle) all the while enjoying a unique experience.

The Bükk National Park in September


The Bükk National Park is an absolute gem at any time of the year but it really comes into its own in the Autumn.

Established in 1976, it is the largest national park in Hungary and 97% of its area is wooded (Oak, Beech and Hornbeam amongst others) which attracts a huge amount of flora and fauna: no less than 90 different species of nesting birds, all species of bat indigenous to Hungary hang out in the Park's karst caves and beautiful wildflowers grow in the meadows that occasionally interrupt the forest.

September is a particularly good time time to visit the park. As the leaves turn a thousand shades of brown, yellow and orange, it is as if the forest is being consumed by fire. Later, when those same leaves fall to the ground, visibility improves allowing visitors to see all manner of wildlife busy getting ready for the cold months to come.

There are a number of ways to experience the Park, however, we would recommend either walking or hiring a bike for a day or two. Checkout these pages for more details.